Ontwerp voor ontspanning, inzicht en verdieping

Building with letters and composities made of concrete

Graphic design and architecture come together in this annual magazine of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. Exciting letter combinations and surprising images invite the viewer to enter a world of creation and craftsmanship.

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Dance for verbinding met jezelf.

Romana Tripolt is dans en trauma therapeute in Wenen. Ze creëerde een mooie vorm van therapie, helen met dans. Opnieuw in verbinding komen met jezelf waardoor trauma’s kunnen helen. In het boek verteld ze alles over haar theorie en geeft ze handvaten om dit toe te passen in de praktijk.

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Connection through more then roads

Quickly planning your driving lessons within a clear system, that is the vision of the founders of Komaan. When designing the app, user-friendliness and overview were of big importance. With a clear and clean design, Komaan takes you on the road.

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until the last crumb

Tasty Toucan is a granola brand originated in Gouda. With a passion for healthy, but also tasty food, the experiment for the best granola has started. Many tests and new attempts eventually led to a crispy result. Tasty toucan only works with pure ingredients, this is reflected throughout the whole identity.

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