Juni 2019

An analogue diary of online memories.

In 2006 there was a data leak from AOL, one of the biggest internetproviders of the U.S. ‘User-ct-test-collection-02’, is one of the data bases that have accidentally been published online. The search terms this data base contains are often weird and shocking and I noticed how I was giving this user a personality based on this information. This gave me insight in how the internet can create fictional profiles about us based on this information.

In a world where the online and physical world are melting together, it is important that we find a way to understand this phenomenon. By visualising this online search history in the form of collages, I am taking the roll as an search engine in an analog way. Creating new databases based on my own interpretation that I have with her search terms, I aim to get insight in the supermemory that we are creating in cyberspace. The images that I collected, where all part of library books, where I found creativity and space for my own associations.

‘User-ct-test-collection-02’ is a publication with sound about the online memory of this internet user. In this way you can experience this database in an analogue form through imagery. The collages are forming new databases and dreamlike worlds, visualising a part of this online memory, driven by the search terms that you hear in the space.

I want to go HOME!