Radio Kootwijk

October 2017

Fictional redesign for the identity of Radio Kootwijk.

Radio Kootwijk, the former broadcasting station on 'De hoge veluwe', is an impressive building in the middle of nature. Nowadays it serves as an event location, an historical monument and cultural place. This variation in function, but above all the gathering of people, gave me the inspiration to create a hybrid identity for this national monument. The typography is derived from the photos that visitors post on 'Instagram', or that were taken by the organization of the state forest management. Every event has its own handwritten typography and colors derived from the image in question. These colored stripes symbolize the send-receive function that the location has with its audience. For example, 'Radio Kootwijk' has the possibility to adjust its typography for each event, while remaining recognizable.

I want to go HOME!