Peanutshell playground!

January 2017

Research project about the possibility of reusing peanut shells into a sustainable material.

The valuable things don’t need to be big, proves the peanut. We can’t imagine living without peanut butter, we’re raised with it. But maybe the real richness isn’t in the peanut itself but in the left over material. The shell.

This waiste material has literally a strong property, it is a hidden raw material. By grinding the shells and then press it into plates it get’s many possibilities. The starting point of the research from this material, is originated from a fixed format, that I dyed, cut, pasted, lacquered and made prints with.

The research is an experiment that investigates the richness of the material. By looking at his restrictions and talents, it shows the possibilities of the peanut shells. Maybe we are looking at the future building material, making the import of these caps just as important as the peanut itself.

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