De Mix and Stichting Beeldmix

October 2017

Dutch photography project for the Dutch Photography Museum (Het Nederlands Fotomuseum)

During my internship I was asked to make a publication for ‘The MIX’. This is part of ‘Stichting Beeldmix’ a non- profit organisation focussing on dutch history in photography. The concept of ‘The Mix’ is to link a contemporary and historical dutch photographer, who ment a lot to photography in fields like politics, nature and public places. In this way they aim to keep the history of photography alive. The contemporary photographer is asked to make a new photo series that is based on the historical one. Every exposition about two dutch photographers, has a special publication with the photo series that can be seen by the public in the ‘Nederlands Fotosmueum’ - ‘The Dutch Photo museum’

The overall concept throughout the publication is based on the eye of the photographer. The photographic images are placed within the frames of the pages, which refers their way of seeing through a lens. A changing perspective, constantly looking for a new image to capture. The images of both photographers have been combined throughout the publication, creating a dialogue. The image of the contemporary photographers duo Blommers & Schumm was inspired by the work of Adolphe Burdet, resulting in an interesting story. In addition to the images that communicate with each other, typography also plays a part in this. The serif letter is for Burdet and the sans serif represents Blommers & Schumm. Through a publication and exhibition, they meet in the story of "De Boswachter”.

A special edition with four publications has been released for the first exhibition. The Mix exhibited from 8 October 2017 to 7 January 2018 in the Nederlands Fotomuseum. Eight photographers were linked to each other with their work, inspiring the public with new ways of seeing.

In addition to the publication, a logo has also been designed for the Beeldmix Foundation. Everything in collaboration with Rafaël Philippen and Lisanne ’t Hart.

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